New Printer Malware Outbreak


New Printer Malware Outbreak

New Printer Malware Outbreak

malwareSymantic this week reported another new worrying virus that specifically attacks printers. When network printers are infected they are seen to just print off Gobbledegook and nonsense. Apparently the culprit is Trojan Malware that goes by the name of Trojan.Milenso

Printer Malware hits Europe

It was the Sans Institute in America that first raised the alert about this new frightening security threat to hit large and small businesses. As always when new viruses or Trojans are reported it causes panic and unrest amongst commercial organisations. And rightly so. Some business owners make the mistake that there is only a concern if you are offering financial transactions online but that is far from the truth as this latest newcomer is proving – it actually targets print servers.

Business process devastated

There are numerous different types of malware and viruses which can affect computer security. It can lead to confidential data leakage, down-time of important processes causing a company millions and a substantial reputation loss. This in turn, of course, impacts on the company’s bottom line and ultimately long term profit margins. Unfortunately, Firms often find the task of keeping the business functions aligned with the security process highly challenging. When economic circumstances look bad as they do with the current climate, IT security often gets put on the back burner.

Macafee on Milenso’s case

Macafee are on Milenso’s case and focusing on the problem as it appears that the worst hit areas were South America and Europe. Kimberly-Clark’s Gregory Smith from MacAfee stated: “The impact is global and effecting approximately 80 print servers. The print job names were all 15 characters in length and unique. The print jobs were all garbage print, as if it was opening the .exe and printing the garbage text. Our virus vendor has stated several other customers are experiencing this same issue, but no resolution has been identified as of yet.”

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