Spotlight on the Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D


Spotlight on the Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D

Toshiba TECToshiba continue to be top of the best sellers list as far as label printers go and the Toshiba Tec DB EA4D is no exception. In fact, we can go further than review and highlight the assets of this neat little piece of machinery  – it has actually won an award as well.

The IF Product design Award

This sleek little printer has recently won the “if product design award” whereby the product design was validated by an international jury of experts.  The model boasts  user-friendly operation and high-speed printing. The cutting edge and  innovative technology provides a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional single-sided solutions found in the labelling industry. The Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D was designed with the carbon reduction firmly in mind as it not only offers  a low-cost, but also provides a  green solution for applications requiring dual output.

Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D cuts on waste

The area of great waste in the labelling industry is where the backing paper is peeled away and just discarded. The guys at Toshiba approached this and came up with a 2-sided direct thermal printer which adds value and usability to a label’s backing paper, or the back of a ticket, by printing directly onto it.

Its natural for managers to get a little concerned when they assume  green equipment automatically means higher prices. But the Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D has done the double whammy. For instance, the address label for a delivery can be printed at the same time as the delivery’s packing list is printed on the label’s backing paper. Dual-sided printing offers various savings aside from the lower media costs, e.g. reducing storage space and shipping costs as fewer label or receipts are required.

Ease of use and maintenance

On top of that the LCD back-light allows for ease of operation. Auto feed gives quick and trouble – free paper loading. Maintenance is made simple as possible as you will not need any tools to replace the key components like the print-head and platen roller.

Flexible and adaptable to any work environment it can be used in anywhere;  from diverse transport and logistics industries requirements to confined retail and logistical operations.

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