Updating your label printer can be very cost effective


Updating your label printer can be very cost effective

barcode label printerWe all tend to feel comfortable with the brands and tools we have been using a long time. We have learnt how to use them efficiently, we know how to maintain them, we have come to understand all the little bugs they are likely to get and we know where to go if we need help. However making do with old stock can be having a devastating and insidious effect on how your business is really performing. So just take a look at some of the reasons for updating your label printers within your industry:

Technology is getting small…

It seems every advance is in technology is aimed at reducing the size of the digital and electronic machinery we use. Now machinery, and applications are portable and  built for a certain task in mind. Therefore today’s label printers fit neatly on a desk top or in an office environment. Get rid of the cumbersome centralised printer and streamline staff working with printers customised to the task in hand.  Training and maintenance is reduced and procedures streamlined.

Smaller and push-button faster…

Not only is everything getting smaller – it is also so much faster. Old legacy printers may seem as if they are still working at the rates when you bought them but they are likely to be way behind the latest cutting edge models if you do not keep up with the latest trends.

See the quality…

How many dots can you get for your money? The amount of dots per inch is increasing all the time meaning the quality of your labels is increasing all the time. but this is not just confectionery, as well as keeping up with your competitors, a better quality label will also streamline processes.

A cog in the machine…

Label printers cannot work without numerous other devices and a robust IT infrastructure. As technology advances the IT network needs to be upgraded and so ultimately the printers do too.

No more support!

As old printers come off the production line, spare parts are not made and also the support you used to receive disappears causing numerous problems in the future when those  bugs start reappearing.

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