Guys shopping just got super cool with QR codes


Guys shopping just got super cool with QR codes

Ok, so us guys are known for not particularly wanting to be first in line to do clothes shopping.  To be honest its often the last thing I want to do. But a new Jeans retailer in the US has created a new style of shopping for men that combines barcode label technology with speed and ease.

Taking the negatives out of the shopping experience

Research has been done into what things that bug people about shopping and this new retailer has ironed out most of them.  As far as Jeans are concerned, I hate the way all the different styles are packed on one shelf so you cannot actually see how they look full length. Then once you have found the right style  I then spend an age trying to find my size. Murphy’s law says as much as you squint at the labels, your size isn’t going to be there anyway.

Modern retail – modern technology

Seattle based retailer Hointers could have changed the face of clothes buying forever by adapting how we shop and the barcode label process. As soon as you walk in you notice a distinct difference in how the Jeans are arranged. Instead of laying around on shelves, each different style is hanging full length from the ceiling. Straight away you can see what that style is all about. No more doubt when you get to the till – you know exactly what you are buying.

The barcode label does the work

Signs in the shop ask you to download an app to your mobile. Once you have found the style of jeans you want to go with, you use the QR code app to catch the necessary information. Then you tell the app what size you want. That’s it!

The app tells you which fitting room to go to where you will find your size of jeans waiting for you! Check them out in the mirror, pay and your gone!

Inventors and designers of this sales process are really encouraged by feedback from consumers. They say that it is a delightful consumer experience, it is fast, you have a much clearer idea of what you are buying and it is much more straight forward. For the retailer it could mean a great saving in staff costs, and a retail experience that is much easier to manage.

Gadgets and shopping? I think I could go for that.

At Tanto labels we have come to understand that by simplifying and clarifying the choice available and helping the client customise barcode label products to their own work environment it leads to a very fruitful working relationship. We offer support for  to all of our clients from beginning to end.  Please do not hesitate to call us on 01934 417665 .
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