Why Thermal Printers remain first choice for printing barcode labels


Why Thermal Printers remain first choice for printing barcode labels

barcode labelIf you are thinking of buying a printer you are not going to be stuck for choice. There is impact, laser, and ink jet as well as Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Transfer printer. Domestic users are more likely to be focusing their sights on the the first three above but for the industrial manager needing to produce quality labels and barcode labels, the final choice is more likely to be  the thermal printer.

Resolution and dpi

When buying a domestic printer we tend to be swayed by the dpi (dots per inch) resolution. In other words, if the printer can produces a high ink resolution – the quality of the printing is considered to be better.  But the needs for manufacturing and industry are slightly different. Thermal printers have a standard low dpi which is usually set at 203 dpi. So for label formats requiring tiny fonts, or curved logos, they provide a more suitable quality. However, the thermal printer is also very flexible and different print-heads offering higher dpi can be placed in the same printer quite easily.


The thermal transfer printers very flexibility tends to put it above other printers. Barcode labels need to be printed on all kinds of materials and  this printer can be used for papers, films, and foils when paired with the proper transfer ribbon –  no laser or ink jet pre-treatment is necessary. Thermal transfer printers will also  accept roll form or fanfold stacks of label media.

Cost-effective in industry

In business, it is essential to streamline processes with cost and the Thermal Transfer Printer seems to provide perfect solutions.  First of all it is fast (some of the newer models can now print up to 10 inches a second); they are durable meaning less money is paid out of commercial budgets on repairs and new machinery; and thermal transfer is much more flexible in connectivity (USB, serial and ethernet) than its ink jet, laser, and impact cousins.

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