Why automated systems are king in warehouse management


Why automated systems are king in warehouse management

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The main reason why warehouses need to be fundamentally driven by an automated system is because technology in itself, has made it a necessity.  Modern scientific advances have given consumers choice options and masses of data about the products they buy at the touch of the button. In order to keep up with that requirement, the hub of delivery stock and logistics needs to be able to keep pace.

In other ways, technology has advanced how we actually buy and feed the supply chain. Now different parts of a product may be sourced from many different countries, manufactured in another country and delivered using the logistics from a company on the other side of the world. It is essential that any warehouse management system is clearly able to keep up with the systems that bring the products to the consumers door at acceptable prices.

Real-time dynamic intelligence at the touch of a button

Whatever size your business, it is imperative you have a clear idea of stock so you can buy in appropriate amounts only when there is a specific need. If this fundamental factor goes astray the whole buying and selling process falls to pieces like a pack of cards. Through the use of RFID tagging or with long-range barcode scanners, companies have real-time, dynamic intelligence on what inventory is available, 24/7.  And the great thing is information is available on desktop PC’s and mobile devices all over the world.

Speeding up labour processes

Automated systems in warehouses enhance your labour processes as well. Computer systems can render graphical maps of where any product or item is kept within a warehouse. This can seriously speed up time wasted simply hunting the right consignment, and so ultimately reduce labour costs and increase profits.

Analyse and re-design warehouse layout

Now as technology  gets super smart, automated systems can actually analyse how the product pickers are doing their jobs and determine the most effective layout for the products within the warehouse. This in turn cuts on time wasted if pickers are perpetually going to the back of the warehouse, or focusing on just one area.

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