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Tanto Labels specialise in producing high-quality labels and providing outstanding value, a fantastic service and fast delivery times. We're a leading UK supplier of plain, printed, barcode labels and more. 

We manufacture all quantities of plain, printed and barcode labels and tickets for businesses large and small. Whether it's one roll of plain barcode labels for a small emergency order or a pallet loads of printed labels for large call-off orders Tanto Labels provides a fast turn-around service and outstanding value.

Our strengths are in delivering high-quality products, on time and at the right price. We're experts in barcode and variable data label printing, with the latest digital label printing equipment. Don't just take our word for it see what our customers have to say. Customer Testimonials

Our label manufacturing site is in Weston super Mare, Somerset and we have overseas barcode print shops in UK, China and Hong Kong.

We are a Toshiba TEC Value-added reseller selling and supporting their entire range of labels printers and consumables. We also supply Thermal Transfer ribbons for Zebra, Sato and most other label printer brands.

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Anatomy of a Label 

Being a manufacturer enables us to make labels for most every-day applications, and for a number of more specialised uses.  We bring together face materials, adhesives and printing technologies to provide products for a very wide range of uses. Below is a summary of 6 key areas we consider when recommending the most appropriate solution to customers.

Anatomy of a Label

1. Face Materials are made from paper or synthetic stocks. Paper materials are ideally suited to light duty applications and synthetics are typically used for more demanding environments where durability is a key factor.  Whether the substrate is paper or synthetic it will often have a coating or finish to make it printable,  durable or for visual effect. There are very many face materials which can be combined with any one of dozens of adhesives and release liners to make labels which closely match user requirements

2. Adhesives are ether Permanent or Peelable. As the name suggests permanent adhesive is specified for labels which need to stick permanently. Standard grades of permanent adhesives are often used for general purpose, “sticks to most things” labels. More specialised grades work in low-temperature freezer environments or have very high-tack properties. Peelable adhesives are formulated to make labels stick well to products but to be able to be removed or re-positioned without leaving adhesive residue behind.

3. Release Liners, also called backing papers are an important and sometimes overlooked component in the overall specification of a label.  Acting as a carrier for the label, the release liner is typically a paper material coated with silicone to allow self-adhesive labels to be made usable, more recently fully recyclable synthetic liners have been introduced. The grade of release liner used for a particular application is often determined by the over-printing and or label application technology being deployed for a particular type of label.

4. Sizes and Shapes are an important consideration when specifying a label. The size of the label needs to be appropriate for its function, for example, barcode labels will need to contain a barcode of a size that will scan properly at the check-out or by an unattended scanner in automated warehouse environments.

Tanto Labels can produce almost any size label and in almost any shape, from commonly-used sizes which we keep on the shelf for general purpose use to complex sets and shapes for bespoke applications.

5. Printing is not always required, we supply blank labels which are often over-printed at the customer's premises using thermal, laser or inkjet printers. Or sometimes labels are pre-printed during the manufacturing process with fixed items such as logos or compliance elements and subsequently over-printed at the customer’s premises with variable data. Alternatively, labels can be supplied fully finished ready for direct application.

6. Formats are the way the labels are presented for a particular use. Tanto Labels is able to manufacture labels on rolls in fan-fold packs or on sheets.

If you need any advice on choosing the right labels please ask us - we'd be only too happy to help you. 


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