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Improve your efficiency and overhead costs by using EAN13 Barcode Labels. This quality product is effective in easily identifying units in a retail business spectrum. European Article Number is an updated version with thirteen digits on the label. EAN13 is a better and enhanced version than the previous GTIN, which had twelve digits.

Barcode standards are defined by GS1, who issue and maintain EAN13 / GTIN13 numbers to manufacturers and suppliers of goods. An EAN8 or GTIN8 barcode is a shorter version, used to identify smaller items, for which an EAN13 would be too large. EAN13 / GTIN13 barcodes are a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code, UPC which was originally introduced in the USA.

The EAN 13 Labels have a clear print when you put them on a sales unit. They are also visible in any area you put them on the product. Thirteen digits could be a large figure for small items. Tanto Labels have EAN8 labels to cater to such clients. All these labels are readily available and at your convenience.


Some salespeople believe barcode labels are an extra cost, but they save on losses. Labelling your sales units prevents errors that lead to significant losses. Your employees won't need any additional training. A single orientation is enough and a hand-held barcode scanner.

The EAN Labels are of high quality and easy to use. We are always here to respond to your enquiries, so please don't hesitate to contact us. Get a free quote and fast delivery as soon as you place your order. The leading UK barcode label suppliers are here at your service whenever you need us.

Order EAN13 and ITF14 barcode labels online here: Order Tanto Labels Barcode Labels Online

Tanto Labels carry a range of blank labels on rolls and sheets, we then over print the EAN / GTIN / UPC barcodes to individual customer orders. We do not insist on a minimum order quantity and can accept orders online, by email or FTP. If you have a requirement for EAN / GTIN / UPC barcode labels call, email or contact us for a fast quotation and fast order turnaround. Visit our Gallery to view some examples of our work.

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