ITF14 Barcode Labels
ITF14 Barcode Labels

ITF14 barcodes are used to identify outer cartons or packs of saleable items and are specified by major retailers and wholesalers. The ITF-14 Barcode is the GS1(formerly EAN) implementation of standard Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode symbology. ITF stands for Interleaved Two of Five

The 14 digit number encoded in an ITF14 is typically made up of an EAN / GTIN13 Item-level barcode with the addition of a leading zero. The zero is used to differentiate between items and pack level. For example of a tin of beans may have the following 13-digit EAN/GTIN Barcode Number 5010251136989, where a case of 24 tins of the same baked beans with have the following 14-digit ITF-14 barcode number 05010251136989. ITF14 barcode numbers can also be derived from UPC and GTIN/EAN8 numbers.

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Whilst the type of barcode is common for all ITF-14 labels, the size, layout and data contents of the whole label differ from retailer to retailer. Tanto Labels has many years’ experience in supplying ITF14 barcoded labels for major suppliers to major retailers, including Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda. Visit our Gallery to view some examples of our work

We carry a range of blank labels on rolls and sheets, we then overprint the ITF14 labels to individual customer orders, upon which there is NO minimum order quantity. If you need just need 10 labels we can supply 10 labels.

We can accept orders online, by email or FTP. If you have a requirement for ITF14 labels call, email or contact us for a fast quotation and fast order turnaround.
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