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Buy retail ready, pre-printed barcode labels online today


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Buy retail ready, pre-printed barcode labels online today. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to supply high-quality labels tailor-made to meet your expectations.

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Tanto Labels specialises in the production of pre-printed barcode and variable data labels. Whether it is simple retail barcode labels such as EAN13 /GTIN13, ITF14 Outer Case Labels, EAN/GS1 128 or more complex sequentially numbered or serial number labels.


Tanto uses a range of barcode printing technologies including thermal transfer and laser for variable data and flexography for fixed data. We can produce all traditional barcode types, and 2d, 2-dimensional barcodes codes including QR codes PDF417 and Datamatrix. Our barcoded labels may be simple black print on white or colour-coded labels for enhanced batch identification, wave distribution, routing and day labels. Coloured labels or label sets may be pre-printed before barcoding or have both colour sections and black barcodes printed in the same pass on one of our digital presses.


Buy retail ready, pre-printed barcode labels online today.

What are barcodes?

A barcode is a code made up of numbers and a unique pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, which is printed on a product to identify it when scanned by a machine. At least, this is the literal definition; in truth, a barcode is so much more. It is a system that enables organisations to track products, prices and stock levels from a centralised computer system, to facilitate superior productivity and efficiency.

Custom labels

If you require unique sticky labels, you can have special products made to resist extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Custom designs can even come in special shapes and colours - our experts can customise label printing to meet your specific needs.

Shipping labels

A shipping label must be easy to read and scan. You can order high-quality direct thermal shipping barcode labels to ensure the smooth running of your shipping processes and prompt delivery of goods to your customers.

Warehouse labels

Quality warehouse labels enable organisations to organise products for the various receiving, stocking and shipping areas. Improve your organisation and efficiency with these simple, effective sticky labels. Buy online and get fast, no-hassle delivery.

Retail labels

Order retail barcode labels direct from the manufacturer and make it easy for customers to see the prices of your retail inventory. With our quality barcode labels, you can track your inventory in real-time.


Medical labels for prescriptions and wristbands are an effective way to maximise the safety of patients. This saves time and reassures patients that their safety is the number one priority.


Compliance is an essential consideration in maintenance. Choose custom printed labels to fit your needs, or choose the required size and print them yourself as and when needed.


When working environments are harsh, you need robust labels that can withstand temperature changes, dust, chemicals and other challenging environmental factors.

Inventory labels

Take the guesswork out of managing inventory and gain real-time details of each product's quantity and location at all times. Get your barcode labels customised for your specific needs.

Asset tags

Company laptops, tablets and smartphones can be labelled and tracked with a barcode label. Our asset tags enable you to keep tabs on where your company's expensive assets are at all times, saving you time, money and stress.


How can I choose the right barcode label?

Barcode labels come in all manner of sizes, materials and adhesion methods. You can choose barcode labels for direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing, and can choose between robust, durable long-term labels or those for short-term use. There are comprehensive guides to help navigate the wide range of options, and we have experts you can talk to to give you all the advice you need.

What features should I look out for?

Application - different applications require different forms of barcode label, so think about what your labels are needed for.

Print technology - choose between less rugged direct thermal labels or more durable thermal transfer labels, as per your needs.

Material - paper or synthetics, mostly dependent on print technology choice.

Adhesive - different adhesives are suited to different applications.

Compliance - certain labels are suited to strict regulations for different industries.

Size - barcode labels come in a range of size formats suited for tracking different types of item.

Other - other options include perforations, lamination, back and face slits and colour.



Vicky M, Operations Manager, Kitchenware Manufacturer:"Very reliable product and service - have never let us down"

K.C, Director - KP Marketing LLC: "One of the easiest, cheapest and most reliable barcode providers around. After trying other companies we always come back. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

M. Smith, Director - Garden Tool Manufacturer: "We are most satisfied with the level of assistance, professionalism and turnaround of orders we have received, from day one."


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Leading UK Pre-printed Barcode Labels Manufacturer

Tanto offers a support system to all of its clients that has made it a leading UK barcode labels supplier. Investment in enterprise-class label production software and modern high capacity equipment enables Tanto to provide high-quality pre-printed labels, in-industry leading turnaround times. All orders produced by Tanto undergo stringent quality control testing using CEN/ANSI approved barcode verification equipment.

Other variable data pre-printed labels, such as price points, shelf-edge tickets, tray-tickets, which may or may not include barcodes, are produced using the same methods described above. All our barcode labels can be supplied on rolls, sheets or fanfold formats. Visit our Gallery to view some examples of our work.

Barcode Labels UK and Worldwide

As a leading UK pre-printed barcode label manufacturer Tanto Labels is ideally placed to provide custom solutions utilising its range of plain and printed label production equipment. Labels can be produced on a wide range of standard materials and more specialised materials including security films, outdoor adhesives and can be pre-printed with up to 4 colours. Tanto Labels is an approved supplier of pre-printed barcode labels for a number of Global organisations and provides supplier or vendor barcode labels for their suppliers world-wide. Features include simple on-line ordering, overseas production and local shipping.

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