Security Labels

Security Labels - tamper-proof, tamper-evident, holographic and void

Whether you are sending or storing items internally or externally, our security labels help to ensure your important and sensitive information is not tampered with by unauthorised individuals. As a leading UK labels supplier, we offer a range of high-quality security labels, including tamper-proof, tamper-evident, holographic and void varieties. We can give you advice on the right labels to choose for your business and can arrange quick delivery. 

Suitable for many different applications

Security labels can be used for many different situations. For example, our tamper-evident security labels can be used to secure forensic evidence and samples, while our void labels are the perfect solution for consumer brands looking to protect products in transit and build trust and loyalty with customers. These labels are made up of two layers, one which breaks away to reveal the bottom layer if tampered with. 

High-quality security labels and fast delivery

We can supply our security labels in a variety of different formats, including labels on rolls, labels on a sheet and fanfold formats. Whichever format you choose, you can be sure that your labels will be printed to the highest possible standard. Don't leave the security of your confidential, sensitive or important information to chance. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of security labels and for a free quote. We could be delighted to assist.

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