Using 2D barcodes in your business advert


Using 2D barcodes in your business advert

BarcodeIt’s no surprise that 2D barcodes, used by consumers to access information about a product, or actually download or buy a product, have become phenomenally successful. However to a large proportion of the buying public they still remain a little alien, and consumers are still learning skills to use them to the best effect. But at the other end of the marketing cycle are businesses using them in the most appropriate way?

2D barcodes not being used appropriately

A new study by ScanLife (reported in Barcode News) suggests that business owners are actually struggling in using 2D barcodes to optimum performance. Statistics from the study show that more and more companies are using them for marketing but the figures also show individual companies only tend to use them once or in one marketing channel.

Best Practice

In his article in barcode news, Roger Marquis, the founder of barcode strategy, has highlighted five areas of best practice which can aid novice business marketeers in using the 2d barcode:

1. It has be found that because 2d barcodes are relatively new they are often adopted  for their novelty value and little thought is given to how they will enhance a marketing campaign.  in fact they often become the campaign themselves. 2D barcodes should be an effective and well thought out element of a strategy – not the strategy themselves.

2. The 2D barcode is more or less useless without an effective call to action that is clearly visible to the reader. That call to action has to motivate the reader to go through the scanning process with their mobile phone.

3. Because QR codes are so new the marketeer should always bear in mind their will be prospective buyers who just don’t know how to use them. There should always be clear and succinct instructions on how to use the barcode. short, snappy and simple.

4. The 2d barcode propels the reader into the digital world. Therefore marketeers should make sure there is web content – especially mobile web content to back it up for a good user experience and for customer retention.

5. Lastly by using the 2d barcode across multiple marketing channels the businessman is more likely to see a greater return on his investment.

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