Material Options for Your Printed Labels


Material Options for Your Printed Labels

Whether you need barcode labels that won’t peel off the product or custom-designed labels as part of the branding for your bespoke product, choosing the right material for your labels is vital for the overall impact and ease of use of the end product.

In a 2017 study by Tetra Pak, it was highlighted just how important packaging and labelling is to brand success. Interesting labelling that draws attention and barcoding that is reliable and increases consumer interaction are all key to brand success, as is choosing the right material.

Material Options for Your Printed Labels

What Materials Can Your Label Be Printed On?

There are dozens of options when it comes to choosing the material for your labels. It’s important to remember the use and environment the label will be in, in order to determine the right material – you can use the best barcode technology available, but that will be irrelevant if the label tears or becomes illegible in use.

The right material for your labels can be broken down into the following categories: paper, synthetic, self-adhesive or non-adhesive.

Paper Labels

Paper labels are available in a wide range of weights and grades, with matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. Paper labels are the most delicate, as they are not waterproof and can be faded by the sun or accidentally torn. However, for most everyday items that will be securely stored and displayed indoors, these will be suitable. For that reason, they are often used in retail. As they are the most straightforward, paper labels are often the cheapest label option.

Synthetic Labels

Synthetic labels can be made from polyester, polypropylene or vinyl and are all more durable options than paper. They are waterproof, tearproof and most are resistant to chemicals and sunlight. As such, they are more expensive than the paper alternatives. Due to this more hardwearing finish, synthetic labels are often used in medical applications, for outdoors use, and on items that are handled frequently.

Self-adhesive Labels

Most barcode and product labels, whether paper or synthetic, need to be self-adhesive. Standard adhesive options are permanent, where you don’t what the label to ever come off, or peelable, which can be removed once no longer needed. Permanent adhesive labels can be the best option if they are to go on outer packaging or are part of your wider branding strategy, to make sure the product is always clearly labelled. Barcode labels are often peelable in the retail sector, as they hold little use once the purchase is complete.

There are also specialist adhesive options that can withstand extreme temperatures and rough-handling environments, so ask us if you need something special.

Non-adhesive Labels

Non-adhesive labels include shelf-edge ticketing for retailers, tag-style labels for businesses, insert labels, and name tags. Non-adhesive labels can be printed on paper or synthetic materials to suit their function.


With all these options available, choosing the right labelling for your business has never been more important. Contact Tanto Labels today to see how we can help grow your business with our extensive labelling services.

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