Mercedes uses barcodes to help crash victims


Mercedes uses barcodes to help crash victims

barcodes crashA few weeks ago we featured an article that highlighted how the technology of the barcode (now enjoying its 60th anniversary) was helping out the medical professions by offering a streamlined data system for patient recognition. It was reported this week that the huge car empire of Mercedes Benz is going to be offering a system for barcodes that will aid paramedics and fire crews when attempting to free victims from a car crash.

The barcodes will access a webpage with car plan

All car makes have been designed and developed in ways that are usually kept confidential to the designer and the manufacturer.  For every vehicle and model, each make may have different access or location for parts such as airbags, the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components – in the case of hybrid models the location of the additional batteries and high-voltage cables, too.  The problem comes when fire crews or paramedics need to cut away the cars to remove injured passengers. At the moment when a car is damaged beyond recognition  the only way they could access further information about the car is by calling in its registration plate (assuming this was visible).

All Mercedes to be provided with barcodes and stickers

German car manufacturer Daimler is putting forward the idea of developing a system whereby QR codes are added  to its Mercedes Benz automobiles. The QR codes will direct smartphones to a webpage, showing how to cut into each type of vehicle to free its passengers. Daimler said it has waived the right to patent the innovation so that others could use it free of charge.  It s expected as from this year all Mercedes coming off the production line will be provided with two stickers and barcodes in the shape of a QR code. The hope is that the minutes and seconds that can be saved in such a crises could lead to saving lives in the real world.

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