Keeping Track of your business Assets with Asset Labels


Keeping Track of your business Assets with Asset Labels

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Barcode labels are the perfect way in the modern age to track and monitor  the stock you will sell to your clients. You can determine which commodities are selling fastest, when resources need to be replenished, and streamline the whole purchasing process. But what about the valuable properties your organisation owns, such as office furniture, factory equipment and machinery? How can you keep a track of your assets ensuring they are safe?

Tough materials and correct handling

Barcode asset labels allow you to combine human readable information with uniquely coded identifiers. In this way the ownership is clearly stated and also its source can be tracked back to a database to prove ownership.  What is most important is the asset label (or tag) remains affixed to the commodity. For this reasons Asset labels – especially the adhesive – needs to be made from tough materials    Many things need to be taken into consideration such as the climate of the work environment, size of the equipment and positioning of the equipment.  To ensure asset labels are affixed correctly, and remain for the maximum possible time it is also important that they are handled properly by staff.

Clean surfaces first

Before attaching the asset label make sure the surface of the equipment is completely clean of grease oil or dirt. The adhesive will work best on a clean flat surface.  It is important to note that everyday household cleaners should not be used to clean the surface as this could interfere with the effectiveness of the adhesive. Isopropyl alcohol is recommended.

Don’t bend asset labels out of shape

Asset Labels are made of aluminium – a strong material but also bendable. The mistake staff often make is to attempt to bend the label to the shape of the equipment. This can cause a problem as it may not lay flat on the equipment surface and there maybe a risk it will work loose. So when removing the label from its lining ensure that you peel the lining away – rather than bending the label away from the lining away as this only leads to mis-shaping the label.

Pressure and temperature

The asset label will need some pressure to ensure the adhesive fixes properly. A small hand roller is recommended. It will take 48-72 hours for the adhesive to bond with the surface. The best room temperatures would be between 21 degrees centigrade and 38 degrees centigrade. You may find if the temperature is too cool the label will not adhere properly and if the temperature is too hot the adhesive will loosen and not stick.


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