Is Your Workplace Green?


Is Your Workplace Green?

Recycling at home is commonplace now, but this isn’t always the case at work. If you haven’t got a system in your workplace yet, it’s time you got started. It isn’t just about being sustainable; it’ll have distinct advantages for your business as well.

think green in your workplace

Not sure where to start?

A barcode system and our handy green guide will help.

1. Cut Down on Paper

We’ve been talking about paperless offices for years, but for many businesses, this is still a long way off. Sadly, it’s often just a bad habit rather than a necessity, so it’s worth reassessing the situation.

Do you need to keep printing and photocopying? Online file sharing solutions allow everyone to access and edit essential documents quickly and easily. There are plenty of reputable options and a lot of them are free.

This saves you money spent on paper and ink cartridges, and removes the need to find space to store umpteen files. With extra room you could ramp up production or save money by moving to smaller premises.

2. Bring Your Own Mug

Chain-drinking coffee in the office is a common pastime so the drinks machine tends to be a popular gadget. Encourage your staff to bring in their own reusable mugs rather than grabbing a new plastic cup every single time.

3. Don’t Throw It Out – Trade It In

Brand new office furniture costs a fortune and often you don’t even need it. Many suppliers specialise in good refurbished furniture at reasonable prices, and you can trade-in your old stuff as well. If you’re a DIY sort of person, you could simply perk up your existing furniture with a lick of paint.

Even essential equipment like laptops and printers can be traded in and replaced with reliable refurbished models. Just make sure you shop around to find reputable dealers. The good ones will even offer a warranty on second-hand items, although it’ll be for a limited period.

4. Involve Your Staff

Everyone needs to be on board with this. In fact, they’re probably keen to participate, so it’s worth making time to put a plan in place. Clearly labelled recycling bins are the best way to start. Indeed, these days many people consider a company’s green credentials when looking for a job, so you may well find your employees have plenty of good ideas to help get a plan in place.

5. You Customers Expect It

Recycling is no longer an optional extra; it should be an integral part of your strategy. Customers aren’t just interested in your products or services. They consider your entire business ethos when making a purchase, and if it doesn’t fit with their own you’ve lost the sale – and that’s not good at all.

6. Get Certified So They Know You’re Serious

Greenmark and Carbonsmart are just two of the organisations offering advice and accreditation to help businesses become sustainable. Achieving and demonstrating your green credentials is essential for the integrity and ongoing success of your company, whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation.

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