What Can Barcodes Do for You?


What Can Barcodes Do for You?

Barcodes greatly enhance a customer’s experience of your product or service. That’s exciting for them and excellent news for you, as happy customers mean more brand loyalty – and that means continuing sales!

Here are some examples of how large and small businesses use barcode technology to save time and money, and keep everything running like clockwork.

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Barcode Shopping

Most supermarkets now offer barcode shopping and if you own a retail outlet, large or small, you can do this as well. Your customer simply scans the barcode on each item with a nifty scanner and pops it straight into the bag.

Customers can keep an eye on their spending as they go, and pay at the self-service pay point at the end. Some stores even offer a proprietary app for this. The whole process is quick and easy, and it cuts down on staff costs.

Make It Creative

So many people now run small businesses. Jewellery, clothing, ceramics, soft furnishings,  – the list is endless. Finding new ways to stand out from your competitors is a constant challenge.

Make your product stand out with a prominent and unusual barcode. This gives it a quirky and eye-catching vibe, and it’s informative. 1D barcodes come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes; indeed they can be the same shape as your product, which makes them appealing as well as functional.

2D barcodes (known as QR or ‘quick response’ codes) can convey masses of information and are easy to scan with the right app. Product information and contact details can be shared like this, making a barcode part of an interactive experience for your customers.

Take the Pain Out of Networking

Once upon a time, a networking event involved carrying tonnes of promotional brochures and business cards. Now you can carry a business card or leaflet with a QR code, and your clients and potential customers can easily access a wealth of information about your services by simply scanning.

QR codes can include links to anything you like. Links to social media profiles and URLs work well, and this will take customers straight to your site.

Concerts and Conferences

Any event you can think of can be run via barcode entry – movies, theatre, sports and business events. There’s no need to waste money printing tickets, and you can easily monitor sales and revenue. Barcodes instantly validate visitors by linking them to the relevant payment details on arrival, and can provide event updates and additional information.

Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums

Any venue that houses large amounts of artefacts or stock needs a system to keep track of everything. Museums can have millions of items in their collection, and a barcode system is ideal for keeping track of it all.

Removals and Storage

Removal companies are turning to barcode technology to label boxes and keep track of their contents. This is very good news indeed, as this process is always a nightmare, whether you’re moving house or relocating your business. This prevents things from getting lost and makes it quicker to set everything up when you arrive.

Many people use storage facilities for personal or work purposes. Why not label your boxes so you’ll never have to rummage about again. Office supplies can also be managed like this.

What’s Best for Your Business?

At Tanto Labels we’re experts in all things barcode related. From plain and custom labels to printers and software, we have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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