Barcodes: Too cool for school?


Barcodes: Too cool for school?

We all remember our names being read out on the register at school. For most people, it’s hardly an experience that brings back any memories or even a hint of nostalgia. However, for those out there of different ethnicities or with difficult to pronounce surnames, the whole experience could be thought of as annoying and unnecessary.

Barcodes on the agenda?

Now in the 21st century, there have been ideas for innovations in the classroom. For example, imagine how easy it would be for a pupil to scan his individual barcode in order to sign into a lesson every morning! Of course, there is the problem of kids using their phones to do so, and most teaching professionals believe phones in the classroom to be anything but a productive message to send out to the children.

Time to embrace the smartphone?

The idea that phones are always a bad thing, though, is becoming slightly outdated. Can it really be so terrible that a child has the unlimited world of the internet at their fingertips? The question is, how can we use the technology in a way that will be beneficial to both children and the teachers?

Potential uses

The use of the barcode in the classroom isn’t just restricted to taking a register in the morning. It could also be a very handy way to quickly ascertain who is on the free school lunch register during break times, or record what students are eating school meals.

It can also be used administratively by the staff. For example, barcodes used to reduce clutter and make the filing of schoolwork easier to locate and store. At educational events, a barcode scanner is already used to allow people entrance via a QR code on their tickets.


The barcode has infiltrated many areas of our every day lives already and we have barely noticed it. Once the stigma around smartphones in schools, don’t be surprised if your children, or grandchildren, start packing a QR scanner in their school lunches!

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