Spotlight on the ApleX4 Label Printer


Spotlight on the ApleX4 Label Printer

barcode labelsGreat for Industrial Environments, the Toshiba ApleX4 enables full automation of the labelling process in your organisation. Simple to use and easy to integrate, the Aplex4 application offers highly cost effective printing when in combination with the Toshiba B-Ex series.

The Toshiba ApleX4 is designed with diverse working arenas in mind and can therefore adapt to existing production lines as well as operating with thermal transfer as well as direct thermal transfer. It covers all common resolutions with capacity for 200, 300 and 600 dpi. Perfect for high volume projects, it also has capacity for ribbon up to 800 m.

Highly Flexible

No worries about training staff or changing or mixing with legacy machinery as this plug and play barcode label printer is simple to install. One of its great assets is its flexibility.  The Applicator can be set to apply labels from the top, bottom or sides and at any rotation angle required; it can also work with varied label sizes from 25 x 25 mm to 116 x 200 mm.  For those projects which call for that extra amount of precision, the ApleX4 has easy adjustment of contact pressure levels for use with delicate products.

Variety of applications

Take a look at just some of the applications it can be used for:

  • Automating the labeling process
  • Pallet labels, shipping labels
  • Flexible sizes of boxes, cartons or products on the same line
  • Product labeling, processing / food distribution
  • Distribution centers receiving / shipping, cross docking
  • Courier, transport, logistic

Safety and Maintenance

Easy maintenance is always a big benefit to any business and the Aplex4 comprises a piston which is self-calibration and maintenance free with sealed guides. Safety is also built in with a pressure sensor to help prevent accidents.

An all-round money-saver

If you are looking to reduce costs then the ApleX4 certainly offers a nice little package. Through advanced technologies energy consumption can be reduced by 70%; it comes with a facility for saving ribbon and the super efficient dual motor ribbon drive reduces ribbon and paper waste

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