Highlighting the Toshiba BSA4


Highlighting the Toshiba BSA4

Toshiba Bsa4The immediate benefit of the Toshiba BSA4 is it is flexible for all work environments. It has the functionality of an industrial printer but has the ease of use of a desktop printer. Hence processes are clean and can be on a large scale without the extra training for because of complex procedures.

Design for office or workshop

The ergonomic design of the Toshiba BSA4 fits neatly into an office setting while high quality output and performance make it perfect for an industrial environment. There is also a choice of design to suit your work environment. You can choose plastic for the office or the more hard wearing metal effect for the workshop or factory.

Networking made easy

Also by default it comes with a variety of communication interfaces enabling business managers to control a network of printers from a central source. The B-SA4 comes with an entire Central Network Management Suite, that allows you to manage all the SNMP printers in your network.

Less maintenance for the Toshiba BSA4

Fitted with a 200 dpi print-head, This printers high speed printing performance can only lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Printers often have a bad name for ceasing functions just when you need them first but the Toshiba BSA4 has been developed with exactly that in mind. For instance the 200 dpi print-head is easily replaceable with a 300 dpi print-head. Because of this toolless functionality there is likely to be less need for servicing and maintenance throughout the life of the printer. the platen is easily replaced by the user too.

Compatible with legacy systems  – TOSHIBA or non-TOSHIBA. The powerful BCI (programmable Basic Command Interpreter) allows the B-SA4 to print via non-TPCL datastreams.

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