Barcode printer market analysis released.


Barcode printer market analysis released.

It was reported in “Barcode News” this week that a study has taken place on the barcode printer on the global market. The research was primarily set up to analyse key market drivers and any restraints or challenges that may be present. The study took into consideration desktop, indusbarcode labelstrial and portable printers within sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, government, transportation, logistics and commercial services.

The main findings were as follows (you can see the full report ) :

  1. The demand of on-demand barcode printers is likely to increase in the short to medium terms in areas such as mobile printing, double-sided printers, hybrid printers, colour printers, wristband printers, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) printers and encoders.
  2. Also, the trends in design of barcode printers include enhanced memories, higher processing capacities, smaller form factors, higher connectivity capabilities, and abilities to handle a wide variety of media.
  3. Western suppliers are finding it more and more difficult to compete with low-cost Asian suppliers.
  4. To meet the challenge of point 3 suppliers in the west are diversifying their product portfolios and adding greater value to their products.
  5. Barcode printer manufacturers are creating greener products to meet customer needs.

The base year of the study was 2011. The study covers key market forces such as market drivers and market restraints, evaluating their influences on market growth. It also includes detailed analyses of the applications market, competitive structure, and positioning of key participants in the industry. For the sake of this study the barcode printer market was divided into two separate segments: Thermal Transfer printers and non-thermal transfer printers. Finally, Barcode printers are defined as printers that are designed, marketed, and used specifically for the production of barcode labels of various symbologies and that conform to industry standards.

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