Spotlight on the Toshiba B-SX8T


Spotlight on the Toshiba B-SX8T

barcode labelIf you are looking for an advanced state of the art industrial label printer, then the Toshiba B-SX8T is a great place to start.This Direct Thermal Transfer Printer comes with comes with RFID functionality (Radio Frequency Identification) and powerful networking capabilities that can be used in a wide variety of environments and a wide selection of modern applications.

Label printers designed for modern business

Toshiba tends to keep ahead of the crowd with its full range of label printers designed for modern business. The B-SX8T is no exception with its advanced CPU (Central processing unit – or put another way – the computers brains) it can offer high speed printing and enhanced processing via an extensive choice of interfaces. Capable of providing 2D barcodes as well as linear barcodes, its numerous interfaces include Bidirectional parallel port, USB 2.0, LAN (100BASE), serial port, wireless LAN.

Highly advanced computer system


The BCI (Basic command Interpreter) allows easy integration of other systems due to the fact that it can communicate smoothly with the ever growing panoply of external devices on the market. In turn, the Toshiba B-SX8T is compatible with all legacy systems.

Free management suite

For ease of use through the world wide web each label printer comes with a free Central Network Management Suite that allows the user to manage all the Toshiba printers attached to the network through their IP address.

Resolution capabilities

The resolution capabilities are above standard at 305 dpi and so can offer a print speed of 203 mm/, reducing costs, the amount of down-time and allowing optimal performance for RFID encoding work.

All in all the Toshiba B-SX8T boasts top of the range functionality: extremely fast processing, large internal memory, web printer controls, outstanding SNMP networking tools and RFID options.

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