Instant inventory updates with barcodes makes shoe shopping super-fast!


Instant inventory updates with barcodes makes shoe shopping super-fast!

barcode labelSo here’s the scene: You need a new pair of shoes. There are some great modern styles.  But shopping is mind-blowingly tedious at the best of times – and those endless questions and so much wasted time.

“Do you have these in a size 8?”

Off the assistant goes. Wait 5 minutes. You’re left hopping around on one foot with one shoe on waiting for the only chair in the shop to become free. Here she comes – looks like they have size 8. So you try on size 8. Still a bit too small.

“Do you do them in halves?”

Off she goes. Another 5 minutes. Bad news they don’t do halves.

“Do you have another style I could see?”  And so on and so forth….

Well buying shoes just got a whole lot easier. Same amount of endless questions but now you get the answer in seconds flat – thanks to the latest innovation in the barcode label world – Instant inventory updates. Now armed with a digital barcode label scanner shoe shop assistants (and this can obviously work in other areas of retail as well) can tell you everything you need to know about what is in the back room in micro seconds.

Powerful information in the hands of the staff

Putting all that powerful information in the hands of the staff on the coal face and creating a system where information instantly updates means they can give information on the fly. All the staff member needs to do is scan the barcode label on the base of the shoe and he immediately knows what’s in stock, what’s on order and what’s in transit.

Instant inventory updates could revolutionize retail

This is going to be great for retailers in all industries because it is going to make stock checking for purchasing super fast. Its likely to bring a new level of shopping standards and loyalty to shop brands who can offer the modern service.

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