Your Business Needs Millennials: Here’s Why


Your Business Needs Millennials: Here’s Why

In recent years, millennials have become the largest generation and most influential consumer group (roughly anyone born between the early 1980s to mid-1990s). When planning your marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand what influences their purchasing decisions and consider how effective your labelling system is.

Their spending power is huge, so ignore them at your peril.

Millennials - the largest generation and most influential consumer group

Quick Snippets of Information

Millennials spend numerous hours a day online and are constantly bombarded with information. Consequently, their attention span is only a few seconds long. However, they tend to have clear ideas on what they’re looking for, so marketing and packaging need to carefully designed.

This may sound daunting to a business owner, but by understanding their priorities you’ll be able to make the right decisions to engage with these highly influential consumers.

Careful Spending

Many young people are dealing with the burden of student loans and the daunting issue of rising rents and house prices. As a result, many still live with their parents. This doesn’t stop them from spending, but it does make them careful about how much they spend and on what.

Brand Loyalty and Design

This generation has grown up with the internet, and as such their whole lives are online. The products they buy are a vital part of their self-image – an image they share with their entire network. When they find a brand that works for them, they tend to be very loyal, providing the price is right.

The necessity for eye-catching design isn’t new, but now it needs to convey something about the purchaser’s values and lifestyle. The design must be unique and recognisable, particularly as every purchase will be shared with so many.


Concerns about environmental issues were once regarded as something for the few. Now sustainability is a major expectation across all age groups – indeed it’s central to today’s public debate. Millennials, in particular, have grown up with this awareness.

Consumers are now willing to pay more for ecologically friendly products. However, it’s no longer sufficient just to say your product is eco-friendly or biodegradable. Proof is needed before people will trust you with their money.

Green Mark and BRE are just two of the organisations that can help. By prominently displaying an official accreditation relevant to your business, you’ll assure your customers of your green credentials.

Health and Fitness

Consumers are paying far more attention to what they eat, as awareness of issues such as sugar, saturated fats and unhealthy additives increases.

Consciously healthy choices are no longer limited to the gym bunnies. With conditions like diabetes and heart disease on the rise, consumers are paying more attention to their diet. Not only do ingredients need to be from sustainable sources, but they need to be healthy, and food labels are being studied like never before.

It’s Not Just Millennials  

Don’t overlook the fact that this mindset and these values aren’t confined to a particular age group. Millennials are leading the charge in many ways but people of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly concerned about environmental and health issues. This has a direct impact on their spending decisions.

Even in troubled economic times, people continue to spend, but now they’re much more selective. How you present your product or service has never been more important.

Keep Your Business One Step Ahead

Incorporating unique and eye-catching barcodes into your packaging is a simple and cost-effective way of making your product stand out and sharing essential information.

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