New Release: BarTender 2019


New Release: BarTender 2019

BarTender software is a big part of our business; we sell the software to many of our clients and we use it in our own barcode bureau to create our orders. With the introduction of BarTender 2019, changes and improvements have been made to the system that will improve ease of use across the board.

New Release: BarTender 2019 - find out what's new

Here’s some information on what to expect from this new release.

What Is BarTender?

For those of you who have never purchased BarTender or heard us talking about it before, you might think we’ve gone mad and are talking about people that serve hard-earned drinks on a Friday night! Alas, this kind of BarTender is an integral part of our business and impacts on our barcode label printing operations.

BarTender is a software package by Seagull Scientific that makes it quick and easy to create professional-looking barcode label designs and print them out. We are very excited for the release of BarTender 2019, as it has several major improvements that will make our lives easier – and yours too!

What Has Been Updated With BarTender 2019?

Broadly speaking, the updated software will widen possibilities and improve use in the following five categories:

1. Templates and editing – widening the design possibilities for text and images

2. Data entry forms – improvements to list functions and form actions

3. Databases – new database tools and connections to Microsoft programs and others

4. Printing – print order and start position improvements and new action options

5. Installation experience – BarTender Setup wizard has been simplified and streamlined

For a full review of additions, improvements and resources, head to Seagull Scientific.

Why We Love BarTender Software

When you’re using label printing software on a daily basis, you come to rely on your software being the most efficient, most professional and most user-friendly. Here are four reasons why we prefer to use BarTender software:

1. World leaders since the 1980s, Seagull Scientific’s BarTender has seen updates and changes along the way, to consistently keep it ahead of the game and make it easy to use

2. Pre-formatted templates mean that after a short period of time you will be able to design and print professional-looking labels, containing all of the crucial information you need

3. Design options mean you will be able to create eye-catching and unique labels that conform to all standards

4. It works with a wide range of compatible label printers

How We Can Help You

If you need printed barcode labels, look no further than Tanto Label’s range of labels that are ready to buy online. We are proud to serve our local and international customers with the best and most up-to-date labels for all their business needs by using the best software available.

If you’d like to be able to design and print your own labels, talk to us about our range of BarTender label printing software and label printers – you can be safe in the knowledge that we will help you through installation and our support services will ensure the smooth running of your new systems.

To find out more about BarTender software, discuss our range of ready-to-buy labels, or for advice on purchasing your own label printing software, contact Tanto Labels today.

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