Waiter, is there a barcode on the menu?


Waiter, is there a barcode on the menu?

barcode labelsQR codes traditionally, have become linked with the retail industry. A fast and easy way to make an informed purchase or access real information concerning stock availability in different sizes, colours and makes. So how can barcode labels and QR codes enhance the restaurant industry? Surely that is what waiters are for?

A QR barcode on menus in America

QR codes on menus are becoming very popular in America and it is highly likely it won’t be long before the trend crosses the Atlantic. This isn’t just about making the most speedy buy you can, gulping down your food and getting out the restaurant as fast as possible. Most of us want to enjoy a relaxed meal with our own personal waiter who will give their impressions of the specialty meals in a friendly manner. It is all part of the ambience you pay for.

Just what exactly are you eating?

But even with the best waiter in the world, are you truly informed about your meal before you eat? Think for a minute about the information that is placed on the packaging of food when we buy in the shops. Information concerning diet,  allergies, nutrition and additives will all be deciding factors in whether we buy or not. This information is rarely seen on a restaurant menu.

Information and ambiance

To bother your waiter with this kind of information would be tiresome and frustrating and would probably spoil the evening for both of you. Through QR codes a customer would immediately be able to see all of this information and make an informed choice. Also it allows the restaurant to hold an effective menu design without burdening it with too much information and bothersome small print.


However, where the QR code comes into its own is with take-out menus. As well as adding the extra information (smart managers will ensure the info is positive, motivational, and enticing) customers can also order and pay directly through the smart phone.  The restaurant benefits by streamlining the order process, thus saving staff time. Additionally, the restaurant can up-sell, by prompting an interactive experience and avoiding the ordering line.

So in the future you may find yourself saying “Waiter, is there a QR code on the menu?”


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