Fast customer receipts and marketing too!


Fast customer receipts and marketing too!

The workhorse at the centre of all business and retail transactions is the receipt.  Without a receipt printer that is flexible,  can work specifically in your business environment and churn out fast accurate  and clear receipts,  the business is going to fall at the first hurdle. Toshiba  have come up with the TRST series of printers which truly encapsulate everything you will need to ensure everything is moving along very smoothly.

Super-fast and high volume

The first thing you notice about the range is they are very, very fast. The TRST- A10 and the TRST A12  are both designed for high volume sales environments and deliver print-outs at 225mm/s.  The TRST-A15 delivers at a slightly slower speed of 170 mm/s but has its own key feature.

Include marketing with your receipts

The TRST-A15 can simultaneously print on both sides of the receipt. The great asset this gives you as a businessman is the capacity to create a perfect receipt at high speed and also have the capability to market your self by advertising on the rear of the paper. Time saved, and money saved goes without saying.  Dual-sided printing can also reduce paper costs by up to 25%, paper consumption by up to 45% and, with up to 50% fewer paper roll changes, saves time and money during peak sales periods.

Flexible and easy maintenance

All printers have facilities for LAN, parallel, USB and serial interfaces meaning they are highly flexible and can work with all legacy equipment. Also, OPOS, JavaPOS and Windows drivers provide smooth driver integration into system software – another important saving of both time and money. downtime is successfully reduced because of easy maintenance. Printer settings are easily accessible and there is no need for any special PC tool.

Environmentally friendly

Used widely in a wide variety of sales and working environments (i.e. retail, hospitality, pharmacies, Kiosks, and lottery ) the printers are also environmentally friendly. Specifically, the two printheads of the TRST-A15 share the workload, doubling their lifetime compared to a single-sided printer and delivering a long product lifecycle which minimises environmental impact.



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