Choosing a Barcode and Labelling supplier


Choosing a Barcode and Labelling supplier

Barcode supplierAs the Barcode and Labelling industry continues to become more and more dynamic and much more a part of everyday life for the individual as well as an essential tool for manufacturers and retailers, choosing the most appropriate supplier seems to be even more complex  for the business manager than it once was.

Barcode Research by VDC

Research by VDC recently found that there are four main areas of concern that all business managers must take into account:

  • The optimum equipment and products for individual work environments
    The survey showed that price is not always the first concern. Astute business managers are aware of the fact that variables such as investing in quality equipment that will compliment in-house processes can only lead to long term benefits even if initial outlay is higher.
  • Cutting edge product Quality
    In making an initial investment the buyer must be sure that he is buying quality equipment as well as the most up to date technology
  • Ease of hardware use
    Complex equipment is likely to lead to training needs for employees and so incurring greater cost to overall processes
  • Competitive prices
    Whereas this is obviously the ultimate priority it can only be taken into account with other essential variables
  • A robust maintenance and support system
    As the world of barcodes become all dancing and more complex it is important there is a support system in place for clients to use

Match barcode equipment to the right work environment

The main  point here is that just as there are so many different options when buying barcode and labelling equipment, services and products there is also a myriad of unique work environments. That can be a nightmare for the manager on trying to find the best option at competitive prices. At Tanto labels we have come to understand that by simplifying and clarifying the choice available and helping the client customise products to their own work environment it leads to a very fruitful working relationship. We offer support to all of our clients from beginning to end.  Please do not hesitate to call us on 01934 417665 .


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