Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2


Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2

Looking to upgrade your industrial barcode label printer? The Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 has been designed  to be especially powerful in a range of  modern industrial environments and makes any move to more superior technology swift and simple, as it will free your business from legacy restraints.

Longest thermal ribbon in the marketplace

The Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 has been developed to be adaptable to most industrial purposes and is available in 200, 300 or 600 dpi variants. This series of printers has super-fast output with print speeds of up to 12ips. At the same time there is a reduction of electricity this barcode label printer actually uses. Add to that the fact that you are also getting more ribbon for your outlay.  600m ribbon offered as standard which is 33% longer than other industrial printer ribbons currently available – as well as the option of an 800m ribbon – downtime and associated costs are also cut to a minimum. There will be reduction in electricity usage and stoppages are less likely to occur.

Superior connectivity

In line with the goal of creating a Barcode label printer that is adaptable for all situations and environments the Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 comes with USB and ethernet as standard.  On top of that USB host, serial, parallel and WLAN are optional.

Reduce costs on barcode label printers.

But perhaps its most enticing feature to the smart business manager is its low cost in comparison with other barcode label printers on the market. with its extra long thermal ribbon, (800m), less electrical energy needed to power faster speeds, it is directly cutting costs. Add to that the presence of the simple LED system which makes use of this printer model very easy. Indirect costs such as training staff to use the printers are therefore also slashed. Also this model is extremely durable and upgradable so the need for replacements in the future is less likely.

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