Choosing the next great label printer


Choosing the next great label printer

barcode labelsThere are so many different brands and models of label printer available now, and technology offers  many different speeds, resolutions, applications and accessories – so the idea of buying a new label printer which matches your exact business needs and sits snugly within your budget is not always straight forward. It can look a bit of a minefield.

What environment will the printer be in?

So first of all lets go back a step, forget about what is on offer and consider exactly what you need. For a start, where will the label printer be situated? In an office environment, an industrial working setting or somewhere dirty or at extreme temperatures? Does the printer need to be portable? Label printers nowadays are designed for all situations from desk top to factory. Consideration is also taken into account as to how robust they need to be.

What work will the printer need to be able to cope with?

This is dependant on the type of labels you will be producing, the quality and quantity over a set period of time.  So consider:

  • Label material. The type of material could determine whether you need a  direct thermal or a  thermal transfer ribbon printer.
  • How many labels will you be producing in a day or a week? Should you be looking for a label printer that can offer high speeds and high volume?
  • Dots Per Inch is about the quality of the final print. What resolution do you need to ensure the highest quality reproduction?

You need to have a grasp of data connectivity. The process of label printing involves the printer receiving data from another device. To deal with legacy equipment,  good all-round printer software is essential. BarTender or LabelView keeps all the options open since these software companies supply printer drivers for just about every make and model. In the same way, you need to know what interfaces your printer will need to connect with your current office equipment. (Will you need a LAN interface for instance?).

Having decided exactly what functions your ideal printer needs to perform,you now need to have a look at brands and models. Some brands will specialise in supplying printers for certain environments while others are more renowned for speed. Toshiba offer robust and dynamic printers for all kind of working situations and every function or accessory you may wish to explore.

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