How do I get a barcode for my products?


How do I get a barcode for my products?

Do I really need a barcode on my product?

Well, there is no law in the UK to say that you need a barcode on your product in order to sell it. However, it can be an essential factor for marketing purposes if you wish to sell it through retail outlets. The barcode, as well as providing a fast and streamlined method of payment for both shop and consumer – the retailer will be able to monitor sales of your product so that they can determine whether to continue selling it and when to return to ask for more supplies.

A barcode can also assist you with keeping your own inventory records. By scanning the barcodes in your warehouse, you can save time and money and reduce the chances of human error – especially when you have a diverse range of products.


Where do I obtain a barcode?

There are 2 methods of obtaining a barcode and which route you take is determined a great deal by how many products you may have to sell. This would also include variants of the product. For instance, if you wanted to sell a style of shoe they would perhaps come in different colours and different sizes. You would need a barcode for each variant of the product.

Becoming a member of the GS1

The first method is through the GS1 route. The GS1 is a global company which regulates standards pertaining to barcodes around the world. As a manager, you can sign up your company as a member organisation, register it for a specific barcode prefix and receive a block of identification numbers for your products.

Authentic resellers

If you only have a few products, an internet reseller can save money and also prove to be a much faster process. You are able to buy the numbers you need quickly without having to become a member (and pay an annual fee) to an organisation. The GS1 regulates resellers and whether they can sell barcodes online.


Applying your barcode to your product

Getting your barcode to market is relatively straight-forward but it can be frustrating and time-consuming and asks for good design and precision. You can buy special barcode printers which will transfer your specific numbers to labels. But you will need to ensure that your barcodes are fit for scanning before the product goes to the supplier. If the barcode does not scan in place of sale you could lose a very lucrative partnership.

This is where Tanto Labels can step in and take the stress out of the final stage. If you are looking to print yourself, we can supply with various different blank label types (such as fanfold labels, sheet labels and labels on a roll) and also guide you through buying the most appropriate printer. If you want us to transfer your barcode numbers for you we can supply the labels finished and printed.

Tanto Labels offers printing hardware, software, labels and barcode numbers. We also offer assistance with printer installation and after-sales support. In short, we can guide you through the whole process – making it simple and cost-effective. To learn more or for a quote take a look at services offered on our website

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