Barcodes should be black white and…green


Barcodes should be black white and…green

barcodesYes I’m talking conservation here.  For a long time the traditional site of the black and white stripped barcodes have been a comforting and familiar sight on shop shelves and packaging. As a community we are all trying to find new ways to save energy, recycle, and enhance sustainability. Strangely enough if we use our imaginations the humble barcode label could play a big part in our efforts.

Effortless green power

To a large extent barcodes are already doing their eco bit by their very existence. If they had never been invented way back in the fifties where would we be now ? Still using hordes of paper to keep track of stock most probably. In streamlining the retail industry behind the scenes, the barcode has become a bit of an eco warrior without really trying.

Enter the QR barcodes

But it is with the new invention of the 2d barcode, which is fundamentally and primarily used in marketing and advertising , that it could really come into its own. QR (2d or 2 dimensional ) barcodes are found on advertising and linked with mobile phone. They are read by an application found on mobile phones. Users can access information about products, services, special offers and stock holding.

Just like their big strippey brothers, it is clear that they too are doing their own bit in creating a powerful system that is not dependant on the use of paper to inform and communicate.

Fast, reliable, paper-free systems

What is perhaps most exciting is the fact that its uses are going far outside the industries of advertising, marketing and stock-taking. Because it is fast, reliable, user-friendly, flexible and easily update-able, other diverse industries are using it with the same consequences for green progress.

It is now seen in hospitals, as a safety measure for cars, in education, in the dating industry, in funeral services, and in scientific research.

This is only the beginning. Its uses almost seem unlimited. In turn this will bring these paper-free green systems more and more into our daily lives. Where will we find it next? Watch this space.

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