QR barcode report shows Mobile barcode trend is thriving


QR barcode report shows Mobile barcode trend is thriving

barcodeEveryone is talking about them. They are constantly in the news and apparently, if we are to believe what the media is telling us, they will dictate retail processes and buying systems in the future. But are they as popular and effective as the advertisers are making out? According to a new report by Scan Life’s Mobile Barcode Trend Report, statistics really do reflect all the hype.

18 million scans in three months and growing

It is quite a breath-taking fact that in just the first three months of 2013 , 18 million scans were recorded. In the highest month, which was March, 6.7 million scans were recorded. The report was able to filter which industry’s are using QR barcode scanning the mos,t and it is clear new industries are taking up the benefits on a daily basis. The most popular industries in the first quarter of 2013  were retail, hospitality, wireless, and print and toys. The report was also able to discern which brands were the most popular among consumers .The most popular QR Codes, based on the number of scans, are McDonald’s for product information, Coke for video, Kohl’s for customer feedback, Tim Horton for contests, and Publix for coupons.

Perhaps even more interesting  is the statistics which show when consumers tend to use QR barcodes the most, and also which gender is more likely to be using them. The report could  actually fine tune results in order to give an idea of the most popular day when used but also the time of day when used.

Who is more likely to use a QR barcode – man or woman?

Scans tended to occur consistently throughout the week with a slight increase on Saturday and Sundays. Interestingly most scans took place in the afternoon and evening  – between 12 noon and 9pm (the marketing department is going to have fun with that one!).  The report also showed that men were more likely to be making scans than women. this latter result is possibly the opposite to what most people may have expected – with women traditionally enjoying “shop till you drop” it surely would have made more sense the other way around. Perhaps the real reason is men are more likely to enjoy messing around with gadgets and women still prefer to go through the glory of shopping the manual way!

Nearly half of the  scanners are between the ages of 25 and 44 and Android users tend to be more popular than the iphone.  The report showed that 57% of scanners use android while only 41% use iphone.

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