Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC MD-480i


Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC MD-480i

printerIn order for employees to work efficiently when based away from the office or headquarters there needs to be trustworthy technology in place to ensure customers are left with necessary information, paperwork to back up data retrieval, and receipts.

As printer technology has advanced businesses are able to offer a complete service to the customer . No longer do they have to wait for verification through the post to clarify an earlier agreement. This in turn enhances business processes and ultimately increases profits.

A standard for all field industries

The Toshiba TEC MD-480i is perfect for a wide variety of industries which require a powerful tool to complement field work. Great for in-vehicle delivery, it is used for PAT testing; receipts for field sales;  fines issued by traffic wardens; it is used by the Police, facilities operatives and on public transport. In retail. warehousing and logistics they are used in goods delivery and invoicing.

Durable, flexible, low-cost ownership

Being out on the road, the Toshiba TEC MD-480i is designed to be both robust and reliable with the capacity to function within any working environment. Developers boast that it functions well between temperatures of -20c and 60c. It is also very flexible in that it has numerous interfaces to allow for a wide choice of connectivity and integration. Easy to power, costs are instantly cut by the fact that it can work on the in-vehicle power supply – no need for batteries. Perhaps most importantly, the Toshiba TEC MD-480i is known for its speed. It rapidly produces delivery notes, invoices, tickets and transaction documents at speeds of up to 480 cps (12 cpi).

Cutting costs

The long-life 24-wire printhead has an expected life of 300 million impacts and
each ribbon lasts up to 4 million characters, keeping intervention and downtime to a minimum. This in turn leads to low-cost ownership. The other major point about the printer is it is simple to use. This also cuts costs on training and leaves the business manager with peace of mind when supervising staff in the field.

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