Spotlight on BarTender Barcode Label Printing Software


Spotlight on BarTender Barcode Label Printing Software

BarTender barcode label printing softwareIf you are looking for Barcode label printing software which is flexible, dynamic and cost effective for all industrial environments look no further than Bartender. We have been using BarTender barcode label printer software in our own in-house print shops for many years and it continues to get better and more effective as new applications and parallel technologies come onto the market.

World leader since the 1980’s

Seagull Scientific, the manufacturers of BarTender have been technology leaders since the mid eighties and BarTender was the very first Windows programme available for both laser and Industrial label printers. Ever since, Seagull has kept ahead of the crowd and now BarTender offers a complete design and print solution with RFID, print and encode support for smart cards, powerful drawing features, and a robust suite of companion applications.

A great factor with the BarTender suite is it is easy to learn and easy to use and a within a very short time you can be making barcode designs of your own. both programmes BarTender Basic and BarTender Professional come with wizards so that you are guided through with ease on your first use.

Design and templates

As well as all the superior design functions the programmes also come with  ready-to-print templates for barcode labels so you get the power and flexibility to satisfy thousands of compliance standards.

BarTender has the power and flexibility to design just about any barcode or label standard. A bit wary about creating your own labels from scratch. You will quickly learn with BarTender but until you do it is good to know the programme comes with Over 400 pre-formatted, ready-to-use barcode components based on 59 different barcode symbologies 12 additional barcode standards 16 sample compliance label designs.

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