The right resolution for the business task


The right resolution for the business task

barcode label printerWhen buying a label printer for your business there are many factors to take into account such as connectivity, your own legacy equipment, what tasks you will be needing the printer for, what environment the printer will be in, and of course, the type of software. One factor that all prospective buyers will need to understand is the resolution of the printer. The more dots per inch the printer has the capacity for, the higher quality the final print. But at the same time the higher dots per inch are likely to be more expensive. So how can you find the perfect resolution for your printer.

Common resolutions

The most common figures you will see for resolution on a label printer are 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi. (dots per inch).  200 dpi is the standard and each each after that offers a higher resolution in the final mix. You need to also remember that as resolution gets higher so the print speed will slow down. Therefore you have to balance off an optimum speed against acceptable finish.

Generally higher resolutions are used where there is a need for smaller printing – where perhaps labels are small and therefore the print still needs to be distinct to the naked eye and the scanner.

barcode labels

Width of the smallest barcode

The other important factor to take into account is the width of the lines within the linear barcode. For instance, a commodity being labelled may call for code 39 barcode with 5 mil x-dimension. The x dimension is the width of the smallest bar in the code and the sizes on the printer are expressed in 1000’s of an inch or mil. so in this instance 5 mil would be seen as 0.oo500 which is seen under 600dpi.

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