Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC B-EV4


Spotlight on the Toshiba TEC B-EV4

Looking for  a super smooth cost efficient labelling and ticketing printer for your desk top? The Toshiba TEC B-EV4 is gong to take quite a bit of beating. Designed to fit snugly into any office or industrial space it is trust worthy reliable and professional in providing labels and tickets on demand. With limited space in mind it also designs and prints directly form a desk top PC

Designed for ease of use

To add to its durability, and to increase the working  environments it can be used in, it has a unique and robust double-walled plastic cover. At the same time it still offfers easy access to the print-head. The media cover folds back at 90 degrees  and rollers are put in place with ease using the self-centring media holder.

In fact the designers have really had ease of use for office workers in mind here – knowing full well this will lead to indirect savings for organisations as training is slashed and wasted time on maintenance and buying extra parts is reduced to a minimum.  Very easy to use – this really is plug in and play without any hassle changing drivers and installing new software.

Cutting edge technology

The Toshiba TEC B-EV4 uses the latest 32 bit technology and can therefore offer speeds of up to 5 inches per second. With a variety of models in this series developed to meet all needs, you will find both 200 and 300 dpi resolution models.

There is no issues functioning with legacy office equipment as the Toshiba TEC B-EV4 slots smoothly into all existing systems. Available with various cutting edge accessories they also have all interfaces including LAN as standard.

The success of this model is reflected in how it is trusted throughout the world in numerous different work environments such as hospitals and surgeries, Theatres and museums, warehouse logistics and courier services, and airports and railways.




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