Troubleshooting label printer issues


Troubleshooting label printer issues

barcode labelsIn recent years, even though office and industrial printers have become more complex they have also become simpler to use. Because internal maintenance is more straight forward and more accessible, troubleshooting is so much simpler. Label printers especially are a case in point. Toshiba TEC barcode Label printers are designed to take into account long term use, training needed to use the machines, and ease of updating and in-house repair. Nine times out of ten it has been an error on the side of the owner or employee which has caused the problem. There will always be blips with any application but now those issues can be swiftly solved. This article points out some of the most common problems that can be dealt with simply effectively and without wasting company time and budget:

“The Printer doesn’t seem to be communicating with the PC”

  • Check to make sure the printer settings are the same as the port. (i.e. parallel port; LPT1; seriel port)
  • Check connections on the cable
  • Check correct port settings on PC

“The print appears faded”

  • After shutting down the printer, open the print head and clean thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and a soft rag. Never use metal implements in this area.
  • Check print head toggles pressure
  • You may need to experiment with the speed the printer has been set at. The label willl need to sit below the print head long enough to create a perfect result. Does changing the speed make any difference – the higher the speed the less time the label will be below the print head.

“Labels are not being fed through the printer”

  • Check to ensure the print head isn’t locked down
  • Check to make sure print head pressure toggles have not moved on
  • Check for movement resistance on the platen drive

“The label printer is not calibrating”

  • Check labels are not stuck in the sensor
  • Turn off the  computer and try and calibrate after the printer has re-booted.
  • The memory may need re-setting. this can be done by a manual calibration

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