Architects turn barcodes into modern art!


Architects turn barcodes into modern art!

“Is that building in his pyjamas?” the little girl asked frowning at the huge black and white building standing in front of her. You can see her point. Totally covered in black and white cladding this stunning if not garish building in New South Wales Australia is just one of a surprisingly large amount of modern buildings which has barcode labels as its motivation. The creativity that has gone into these global buildings around the world are fantastic – some of them breath-taking, some of them weird – some of them plain hilarious.

The pictures on our main blog and below were taken from a website dedicated to future science and entertainment. You can find all the pictures in their entirety at this source page

A tourist attraction in its own right

I have to say the Australian building still in its pyjamas is my favourite. Though the original intention by Lysaght architects was to create a building design based on the back and white lines of a barcode label. This huge building is slowly becoming a tourist attraction in Sydney along with the Big Banana and the Big Pineapple.

So that’s what the numbers are for!

barcode labelsThis building in St. Petersburg is a homage to money shops and retail. Not only has it got the basic lines of a barcode but it also has the numbers as well. In Russian it is simply called “Barcode”. But those numbers are not just cosmetics. Built by Vitruvius and Sons each number has a window  behind it to allow office workers to look down on the city.

Through the thin window…

barcodesStanding magnificent in Middleburg in the Netherlands this super barcode was designed by Hurcuton . What is very special about this design is the windows are all different widths giving that classic reflection of a barcode label with different size black and white lines. Very cute.

For more outrageous architecture worshipping the barcode visit:




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