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Label Printers

Label printers with superior customer support

As a Toshiba TEC value added reseller, Tanto Labels provides a range of products and services, we supply, install and support World-class barcode label printers and associated hardware, combined with specialist label printing software and other value added services. A Toshiba TEC Label barcode printer is ahead of the game.

Tanto Labels are proud of their reputation in providing superior customer support for label printers.

✓ Uncomplicated Advice
✓ Competitive Pricing
✓ Un-rivalled Customer Service.

Contact us if you have a requirement or question about our label printers or label printing systems. Call us for advice on: 01934 417665

Label Printers with superior Tanto Labels support

There are many websites selling printing system components from manufacturers such as Toshiba TEC, Zebra, Datamax, Sato etc. These websites are usually completely focussed on selling at the lowest possible prices and rarely provide customers with adequate pre-sales advice or post-sales support.

Tanto Labels has chosen not to sell barcode label printers in this way. We understand that customer’s needs are often very different and unit price is sometimes the only real consideration. In our experience customers also value effective pre-sales advice and after-sales support which isn’t limited to warranty or returns procedures. this in turn leads to long term savings on in house training and maintenance.

Recognising the importance of price, Tanto Labels strives to offer hardware and software components as close as possible to web prices but inevitably can not always match or better web prices.

What we can do is give advice relating to your label printing needs taking in to account your specific application as well as the usual advice on suitability of hardware and software available.

We offer a Nationwide barcode label printer installation, commissioning and training service, for customers who don’t have time or staff to get their system up and running. We also offer free of charge telephone support for customers who just need a bit of help setting their system up.

Supporting printing systems in the field is a key part of our value added services offering, we provide manufacturer-backed aftersales support packages such as label printer service contracts, ad-hoc time and materials repair services, equipment refurbishment and print head replacement services.

Making new label printers work with legacy back-office or proprietary host computer systems is an area of expertise of Tanto Labels. We can enable Toshiba TEC printers to work in software environments which were originally designed for other manufacturers including Zebra, Datamax or Sato, without any changes to existing software.

For customers who prefer to have stand-alone printing systems which are not connected to PCs Tanto Labels provides off-the-shelf or bespoke stand-alone printing systems.

As a label manufacturer we are ideally placed to provide complete printing solutions through the supply of labels ribbons which are guaranteed to work with the hardware and software we supply.

Many of our customers enjoy our uncomplicated advice, competitive pricing, un-rivalled customer service and lead-times. Contact us if you have a requirement or question about our label printers or label printing systems.

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