Toshiba Speeds up Barcode Label and Ticket Printing


Toshiba Speeds up Barcode Label and Ticket Printing

The latest addition to Toshiba TEC’s line-up of industrial printers the B-EX4 is breaking ground by printing and being able to maintain high print quality at maximum print speed of 14 inches (355mm) per second. Most other printers including some of Toshiba TEC’s older models struggle to maintain print quality when printing at maximum speed.

The clip below shows the new model printing labels in thermal transfer and direct thermal mode at maximum print speed. Take a look, it’s pretty impressive.

Toshiba TEC is  showing off  an impressive rotary cutter option for it’s latest range of industrial barcode labels printers.  The  B-EX4T label printer range launched earlier this year as a replacement for the hugely successful B-SX4 and B-SX5 models is causing quite a stir in label printing circles.

The video clip below shows the B-EX4T label printing and cutting 170gsm thermal ticket stock at an impressive 8″ or 203mm per second.  Being part of Toshiba TEC’s  high volume industrial range the cutter uses a high- rotary cylinder blade, rather than swing cutters used by other manufacturers and Toshiba TEC’s B-SA4 mid-range models.

High Volume Barcode Label Printers and Ticket Printing

The rotary cutter option makes the printer suitable for medium-to-high volume barcode ticket printing applications, and where printed output needs to be finished single-cut labels. As shown in the video clip using the cutter enables printing and cutting of individual tickets at high speed. Alternatively the cutter can be used to cut at the end of a batch of  tickets in roll or fanfold batch printing applications.

B-EX4T range boasts a number of impressive features including up-to 14″ per second  or 355mm per second print speed,  800 metre ribbon option, user-replaceable print-heads and LAN as standard.   There  are two  versions of the printer 200dpi for backwards plug compatibility with the B-SX4 and 300dpi for the B-SX5  models.

Label Printing Solutions

Tanto Labels has recently supplied the B-EX4T printers to some of it’s key clients for retail swing ticket  and  tray ticket production applications.  As a   manufacturer  of plain and pre-printed labels and and tickets, and a Toshiba TEC Value Added Reseller,  Tanto Labels is well placed to advise clients on fast and effective label and ticket production.

We are experienced in all aspects of label printing. Whether you would like to develop a new in-house label printing capability or enhance your existing system.  Call or email us for straight-forward advice on labels, tickets  hardware, software and  after-sales service.






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