Sustainability for the self-adhesive labelling industry


Sustainability for the self-adhesive labelling industry

barcode labelsWhen it comes to green business the barcode label, printing and labelling industry is not dragging its heels. News was recently released that UPM’s waste management concept is now available industry wide in Europe. Thanks to UPM’s de-siliconizing process it means spent paper release liner can now be saved and changed into useful raw material. RCP (Recovered Paper sourcing) provides the processes for collecting the materials.

How green is my labelling business?

This now means that Label printers, packers and brand owners can have spent release paper collected for recycling at UPM’s paper mill. (based in Plattling, Germany). And of course as well as this being a great move for green processes it also businesses taking part will be  saving on waste disposal costs from landfill or incineration.

The Process

The new process, UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle®  will begin by analysing an individual businesses systems and the packers activities to find the most viable approach for collection and storage. The spent liner is accumulated and stored in big bags at printers’ or packers’ premises, and transported either to local hubs or directly to the UPM Plattling mill. At Plattling, the liner is processed into pulp used as raw material for UPM paper products.

Channelling into the programme

The manager of the Pre-consumed recovered Paper Sourcing at UPM, Frederico Dosseno is enthusiastic about the system and can see how it can be beneficial to community and industry. He said:  “This is a call to action for the commercial and environmental sustainability of the industry, and we urge label printers to contact us and also to inform the label end-users about the direct availability of this service. Label printers may also set up as intermediaries, collecting paper liner waste from the customers while also channelling their own liner waste into the program.

The beauty of the system is all paper release liner is accepted no matter what colour it maybe or the origin of the manufacture.  It also includes process waste from UPM Raflatac’s laminating and slitting operations, matrix and start-up waste from label printing and converting, and liner waste from label dispensing.

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