Royal Mail boosted by Barcode Technology


Royal Mail boosted by Barcode Technology

barcodeHere in the the UK the Royal Mail has been with us since the middle of the 19th century. A public company company since its inception, the Royal Mail is as British  as  Fish and chips and  Yorkshire puddings. But over the last decade or so the Royal Mail has taken a battering from the digital world as emails and social media have become the primary way to communicate. It is now more affectionately referred to as snail mail. Well, the good news is this snail is catching up…very fast!

A digital snail

Within the last month the Royal Mail has announced two new innovative systems linked to digital and  barcode technology which will not only help with the processing and organisation of systems behind the scenes but it will also directly offer consumers a more dynamic postal service.

Barcodes streamlining mailing system

Firstly “Red Tag” has been on the cards for over a year but it was reported in late June that this will now be part of Royal Mail processes. Described as an “Enterprise Intelligent Barcode” this is  the new and improved tracking and tracing barcode system. It is expected the brand new systems (the same type of system has been in use in America for some time ) will increase productivity, enhance tracking of mail for a growing population, a smoother mail process, organisation of data and ultimately greater revenue.

Digital Watermarking

Royal Mail this week  launched interactive post with digital watermarking technology where customers can use their mobile phones to scan digitally enhanced mail. People will be able to link from their post to a company’s online content, such as a website, video or Facebook page, in seconds. As a fantastic aid to marketing for business the watermark can be added to pictures and graphics in leaflets and mailings.

Dave Smith, Royal Mail’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “Royal Mail is committed to helping make leaflets and mailings increasingly sophisticated and engaging for the people who receive them. This landmark partnership means that Royal Mail is the first postal company in the world to offer digital watermarks.

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