QR codes at the hub of mobile marketing strategies


QR codes at the hub of mobile marketing strategies

barcode labelsThe internet and associated Web 2.0 channels have been an essential marketing arena for businesses over the last 5 years. Imperative for brand awareness, increasing footfall, enhancing market reach and targeting market audience, any thriving company is now disabled without some form of Internet presence. Now an even bigger player is proving to be a more direct marketing arena for businesses wishing to increase sales: the Smartphone married with QR barcodes.

Over the last 20 years in the UK the mobile phone has become as essential to daily living as the wallet in our back pockets and the keys to our home and car. As technology has progressed, the tasks that a telephone can do has grown and become more and more dynamic with the advent of the smartphone. Now this wonderful little device is a map, a camera, a video recorder, a radio, a record player, a library, an internet browser and an email client. It now plays a huge part in marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. now people are shopping while they are out and about using QR barcodes.

Most importantly it was reported in ScanLife this week that a poll by Google and OTX Media CT clearly shows that use of Smart phones for purchasing online, visitong a business website, or calling a business in store has risen by 85%.

Based on a comScore study of 24,000 respondents, data shows that almost 20% of US smartphone users have scanned a product barcode in a retail environment. This is about the same number of people who take pictures of products or call or text a friend about them. This poll goes even further in highlighting that for those using QR codes, 73% did so to find product information, 32% to get coupons or special offers, and 25% to find event information.

This is clearly a rich marketing vein to be taken advantage of here. The  research points to the next big marketing arena within the technological world.   The applications to such as QR barcodes are already in place, Smartphones are almost in every household. The possibilities for the wise businessman are limitless.

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