Paypal barcode app heralds new era in shopping


Paypal barcode app heralds new era in shopping

barcodeIt was reported this week that Paypal, one of the most secure systems of paying for products online has now hit the high street with its brand new state of the art barcode Application. Barcode applications are not new to mobile phones and they give the shopper the freedom to download all the necessary info about any product in store at the touch of a button. the paypal barcode app goes one step further. Not only can you access all the product information you can also buy it directly through the barcode.

Plastic cards becoming a thing of the past

This move really is an important move in thrusting the consumer – seller relationship forward into a new era. Once upon a time our ancestors used to barter with their own possessions. Then money came along allowing for borrowing and promises to pay. When money became too bulky we all found ourselves using plastic cards. Now you don’t even need a wallet or a purse as the new app allows you to pay for your goods straight form your mobile phone.

The barcode system works even when there is no network

The new paypal app covers just about everything. Because the information is constantly updated via the barcode label you automatically get discounts or special offers taken into account. No need to worry about having a problem with mobile networks going down. The system works whether you have a signal on your phone or not.

Security password

The app is available at the moment for Android and iphone at the moment. All you have to do is download the app to your mobile phone and enter your unique details. Then when ever you are out shopping and see something you fancy the system simply generates a unique barcode and transaction number, which the shop cashier scans to take payment from your PayPal account.

For extra security the application is unlocked with a unique 4 digit pass code.




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