National lottery now using Barcodes


National lottery now using Barcodes

Barcodes in some ways remind me of cats eyes. No, not your kitty’s pretty little peepers – the lights that shine in the night down the middle of the road that prevent us having road accidents. We hardly notice them but without them our roads would be in chaos and far more dangerous. Barcodes in the same way are almost invisible but are the oil in the machinery of the retail industry. Almost part of every industry in the world the National Lottery has announced they are now using barcodes as part of their system.

Streamlining manufacturing and retail

Barcodes are a nifty little idea that streamline manufacturing and retail processes and can be found in all kinds of commercial and community businesses. QR codes have become part of everyday lives through mobile phones and the like -we reported in our blog recently that scientists in Germany are using barcodes to identify animal and plant life.

Now Camelot has introduced barcodes to make processes function even better and also make the experience of buying a national lottery ticket much more straight forward, faster and smoother.

All 5 lotterys for barcodes

National Lottery agents all use EPOS systems to manipulate the appropriate data. From April of this year they will all receive a list of five barcodes which will cover Euro millions and all the major UK lottery games.

A Camelot spokesperson said  “Retailers will simply need to scan the new barcode using their epos till to process National Lottery ticket transactions in the same way they would with other products in their store. These barcodes are variable which means the price contained within the barcode will vary depending on the number of lottery lines purchased by their customers.”

True, the new barcode processes will only cover transactions up to £99.99 (above this the old process is used), but we think it is only a matter of time before they are right across the board. they may not make you a millionaire this weekend but they will certainly cut that queue down…

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