Labels and sustainability


Labels and sustainability

The need for in-built sustainability in manufactured products is fast becoming an absolute necessity for competitive and morally focussed  business enterprises. Avery Dennison this week announced the introduction of its new innovation – the wash-off self-adhesive labels. Not only is it bringing great sustainability to the label industry there are benefits for  green thinking and businesses alike.

No need to change current label manufacturing processes

This new product is makes the overall process of recycling  bottles a breeze, but more than that it its ease of use means there is no need to change factory line manufacturing systems to use it. the overall result is product packaging that can be recycled and reused safely and easily.

The adhesive remains on the label

The new wash-off label is suitable for use on any glass returnable bottle products. To remove the labels all you need to do is submerge the bottle in hot water. The duo layer construction within the labels curl immediately and separates from the glass. The important part is the adhesive stays on the label not on the glass. The system can be used in a conventional washer.

Immediate replacement for existing labels

The new labels appear to be designed to play a positive part in assisting  the consumers green drive  as well as helping businesses make that transition in the smoothest possible way. The service offers brand owners an immediate replacement for an existing label. Facilitating green policies even further, energy savings can be made can be achieved because breweries have the option of lowering washer temperatures to 65°C and recycling can also be more productive thanks to fewer washer water changes.

The Avery Dennison wash-of label boasts the following benefits:

  • Potential energy-savings (65°C washer temperatures)
  • No changes to washing process needed
  • No adhesive residues on bottle or in washer
  • Performs well in a tropical environment and is resistant to UV
  • Preserves clarity after lengthy immersion
  • Supports complex shapes and neck labels
  • Suits light and dark containers


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