Behind all great barcodes…


Behind all great barcodes…

They do say that behind every great man there is a great woman. My wife tends to use this nifty phrase whenever I proudly show off my latest DIY effort – I think she thinks it brings me sharply back to earth.  But she’s probably right. Most effective systems can be tracked back to an excellent partnership and barcodes are no exception. We tend to think of barcodes in isolation but without a barcode scanner they are pretty much useless. Well, Now barcode scanners are getting even more powerful.

The perfect scanner for Barcodes and verification

Webscan, Inc. is one of the leading providers of barcode verification solutions.  This week they announced the unveiling of their new hand-held bar code verifier the TruCheck Optima.

In recent years there has been a great demand for verifiers in the retail and manufacturing industries that give a much greater field of view, due to a huge growth in the use of 2D barcodes such as QR codes and 2D matrix. Matched with its precision and accuracy the TruCheck Optima is quite a an addition to the barcode scanner world. To insure that these codes are printed accurately it is crucial to verify the quality of the barcode. The TruCheck Optima fits the needs of any business that prints 2D or linear bar codes by reducing costs from product returns or expensive reprints, and provides compliance with industry requirements.

Optimal Engineering

Glenn Spitz, the President at Webscan is very pleased with the new addition to Webscans barcode scanner stable. He said: “The TruCheck Optima represents a great advancement in hand-held 1D and 2D verifiers because the large field of view it provides. To accomplish this we have engineered an illumination system that provides even illumination over a larger area than in any other hand-held 2D imager based verifier.”

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