Barcodes in the classroom

December 18, 2013

barcodesThere was a time when the classroom was a place for books, pens and blackboards. Nowadays with technology moving so fast, the  PC, Internet teaching and the laptop are very much a part of the tools needed for a good learning experience here and across the pond in the US.

Are mobiles more trouble than they are worth?

But surely mobiles are a different matter? How can a child be expected to concentrate on what they are being taught when they are texting with friends, catching up on the latest tweets or skyping their mate in the next room? True, they certainly come with a few headaches for the modern teacher. But they also may come with a few applications that just may enhance the what is being taught.

Using the positive power of the mobile phone

Its inevitable really, as the power of barcodes seeps into all industries that it would not be long before someone found a way that they could really help develop how our children are being taught in school. Mobile Phones are not going to go away either, they are now very much a necessity for children from about the age of 10 and up. More than just an expensive form of entertainment many parents see them as a way of keeping a track of where their children are. An extra layer of device. In the classroom it is how they are used that needs to be disciplined – they should not be banned.

Barcodes for the the 21st century

QR codes are the new 2D barcodes which when scanned on your mobile can offer an unlimited amount of information in any industry you could wish to name. So why couldn’t that powerful utility be used in education?

For a start the barcode could be used to access information from books to allow the child to dig deeper into a certain topic. In museums and libraries they could be used to inform the student what books or videos are available on that topic. It allows the child to use their own information to explore in the direction they wish to go and seek out and research information. A great learning experience in itself.

The homework mentor

Also it could speed up the whole idea of the classroom process. Imagine the situation where the teacher is telling the students in detail what their homework is. Instead of the child having to frantically take down notes, all they have to do is scan the QR code.

The QR code could also be used as an advisor at different levels when the teacher is not there. If the child is doing their homework and they can access a QR code that offers advice.  Also the teacher would be alerted to the fact that the scan had been used giving him an idea at what level the student is working at.

The possibilities are endless. Watch this space.




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