Barcodes behind rise in GS1 membership


Barcodes behind rise in GS1 membership

barcode labelsGS1,  this week reported that  an expanding internet economy has boosted the membership of their supply chain standards and solutions organisation in the UK to over 25,000. Studies show that this sudden growth tends to mirror recent technological innovation in barcodes on the retail market. The use of GS1 barcodes to  identify products being sold independently through online marketplaces is fundamental to GS1 membership escalation.

Barcodes streamlining supply chain

GS1 UK appears to be attracting businesses and organisations of all sizes from SME’s just starting up to large corporate and international enterprises such as Sainsburys, and Asda. It would seem all of these businesses are taking advantage of  how barcodes are streamlining the overall approach to the supply chain.

In the report GS1 stated that an online marketplace is proving a very attractive proposition to businesses in the process of starting up as well as the bigger corporate companies. They offer a very fruitful market arena without the heavy baggage and overheads of managing a store front. Without having to gather the investment to cover property costs in the first instance, SME’s can immediately start selling – and in a market that is becoming continuously more popular.

Online Market growth

Figures show that the online market has grown by 15% over the last year. This is naturally due to the internet becoming more and more a part of our everyday culture but it is also evident that the new technology of barcodes is boosting sales and retail online even further.

James Robinson founder of the online branded clothing store The Discounter   explained how he believes an efficient supply chain is integral to the success of his and any modern business.  “We buy excess stock from chain stores, where the quantities we buy allow us to offer up to 90% discounts to our customers. All our orders are sent within 24 hours, which means an efficient supply chain is crucial and bar codes are an important part of this. Using the GS1 standards will help us improve efficiency and grow the business further.”

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